Your Stay

Here is all the information you need to plan a trip. Please note that information provided here is subject to change depending on various factors. We have done our best to give an overview of what should be expected. For more information please contact us at

Nightly Rates



  • Peak Season is 1st of July to 3rd of September. Low season is June 3-30 and September 4th onward.
  • Children under 5 years of age are free of charge


While meals are prepared by the managers, guests are expected to assist in serving and clearing.

Cooked and continental breakfast 7:00 – 8:30am
Two course dinner @ 6.00pm for kids, 7:00pm for adults
Lunch is not usually provided.

Combined meal rates are Adults $TBA, Children $TBA for members, $TBA and $TBA for non-members.

Dinner only is $TBA and breakfast only is $TBA.

The Booking Process

The booking process aims to balance flexibility and fair access to all members, with the ability to keep the lodge well-utilised. Booking priority is given to shareholders, shareholders’ spouses, direct descendants and spouses of direct descendants. The process goes through a number of stages:

  1. From when bookings open mid April, requests are taken for bookings for members only. In the school holiday period preference is given to members with school-age children. No bookings are confirmed during this period; we simply collect the requests and negotiate and/or compromise as necessary to ensure maximum benefit all round.
  2. After mid April, accommodation offers are made, which must be confirmed with up-front payment in full.
  3. From 1st May, we consider booking requests from non-members, with some priority attached to those accompanying members.
  4. From the beginning of the season (Queen’s Birthday weekend), the bookings and the room allocation process is handed over to the lodge managers.

Cancellation Policy

The club does not offer refunds for cancellations, except in very special circumstances. Bookings must be paid for, either at the time of offer / confirmation for pre-season bookings, or at the time of booking if during the season.
In cases of medical or personal emergencies, the board will consider requests for refunds on their merits.

Guest Information

On Arrival

Guests names will be on a board with an allocated room at the top of the stairs.
A tray with cleaning products is available for each room on arrival. Guests can help themselves to crockery and cutlery from the designated area in the dining room as well as tea, coffee and long life milk.


Guests are responsible for cleaning their rooms when they leave. This includes stripping the bed and putting linen in the labelled blue bins downstairs, clean the fridge and microwave, empty rubbish bins downstairs and replace the liner, wipe all surfaces, vacuum the carpet and return tray with cleaning products, cutlery and crockery to the managers.


There is a washing machine and dryer downstairs with detergent provided. Washing machine costs $5 in coins: two $2 and a $1. The dryer is free.


Cronulla Lodge in conjunction with the national park is trying very hard to recycle and reduce rubbish. Guests are encouraged to recycle everything they can in the appropriate bins. 10c refundable cans and bottles are collected and the proceeds will be donated at the end of the season.


There is a drying room downstairs and ski racks. Please keep this door closed at all times.