Cronulla Lodge

About the lodge

Cronulla Lodge, founded in 1960, is an intimate lodge superbly positioned for snow sports and mountain pursuits. It caters for up to 19 guests during the ski season.

The Lodge is conveniently located on the top road to North Perisher, now called Burramys Road, and is next to the Telemark T-bar and provides ski-in / ski-out access for most of the season. Its location gives easy access to Front Valley, across to Mt Perisher, and North Perisher, over to Blue Cow and Guthega. The Sundeck and village are a short stroll or ski away.

Facilities include 8 guest rooms, with a variety of bed layouts, including combinations of double beds and double bunks, and good sized wardrobes for storage. There are also communal bathrooms cleaned daily. Breakfast and dinner are catered.

A large lounge room with magnificent valley views and open fire is the perfect place to relax after a hard day on the slopes.

The lodge is a private lodge, providing accommodation to members and their friends.

The View

Looking down the slope from the lodge Telemark T-Bar can be seen, also Piper T-Bar across the valley

Getting to and from

The road that the lodge sits on leads to Sundeck/Front Valley in one direction, and Pretty Valley in the other.

A short walk up the road gets you to the Sundeck, where you can have lunch or keep going to Front Valley.

Down the road the other way gets you to Pretty Valley, where you can stop for hot chocolates or continue to the Interceptor to get to Blue Cow or Guthega.