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    The Booking Process

    The booking process aims to balance flexibility and fair access to all members, with the ability to keep the lodge well-utilised. As for rates, some booking priority is given to shareholders, shareholders’ spouses, direct descendants and spouses of direct descendants. The process goes through a number of stages:

    1. From when bookings open to the end of March, requests are taken for bookings for members only. Preference is given to bookings with changeovers on Friday and Sunday, and school holidays are reserved for members with school-age children. No bookings are confirmed during this period; we simply collect the requests and negotiate and/or compromise as necessary to ensure maximum benefit all round.

    2. From 1st April, accommodation offers are made, which must be confirmed with up-front payment in full.

    3. From 1st May, we consider booking requests from non-members, with some priority attached to those accompanying members. Weekend bookings will not be available to non-members.

    4. From the beginning of the season (Queen’s Birthday weekend), the bookings and the room allocation process is handed over to the lodge managers.

    Booking Cancellation Policy
    The club does not offer refunds for cancellations, except in very special circumstances. Bookings must be paid for, either at the time of offer / confirmation for pre-season bookings, or at the time of booking if during the season.
    In cases of medical or personal emergencies, the board will consider requests for refunds on their merits. 

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