Call us during the ski season  (02) 6457 5999

    How to Get Here

    Turn left onto the Alpine Way at Snowline, Jindabyne. Turn right to Skitube at Bullock's Flat and park in the longstay park - unload your car first! Use your season pass or pay - check for cheaper options like Open Return if you don't have a season pass. Get off at Perisher - the train terminates here anyway.
    To access the Skitube timetable CLICK HERE.

    Hans Oversnow
    Go to the Hans Oversnow counter upstairs in Skitube Perisher and arrange transport to the lodge. You'll be called up when they're ready to go. Have cash ready or you can pay at the counter with cards! At busy times there can be a wait, and a bit of a crush in this area!
    Hans also offer an apres ski special price to the lodge if you want - ski gear only though. You can't book Hans to get up here in advance, but you can call to book to get down the hill 0418 485 144 or 02 6457 5334 - cash only on these journeys.
    CLICK HERE for the Hans Oversnow prices.

    Skitube has a limit on when you can travel with luggage up and down the hill - at very busy times in school holidays for example. Check the Perisher website for details.

    It seems you'll just miss the train, especially if it's late at night, but there's always a next one. Check the Perisher website for train timetable and try to time you're arrival at Bullock's Flat to give you enough time to get on the train.

    Fly from Sydney to Cooma and catch the shuttle right up to Perisher.
    Drive to Perisher, drop off everything and then park at Sawpit Creek - you'll need a pass for your car. Hitch back up the hill.
    Contact Sawpit Mick - - and he'll meet you in Jindabyne and drive you up the hill and meet you at the end of your stay.
    Call Arnie 0416 178 991  02 6457 2117 and he can do the same. Email

    Costwise, it all seems to work out the same, but if you have a Season Pass the Skitube is much cheaper!

    To see a location map showing where we are click HERE.

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